About the Infinite Corners blog

Infinite Corners is a blog for the introspective soul-searcher in all of us.

naoshima pumpkin japan blog
Yayoi Kusama’s famous Yellow Pumpkin on the island of Naoshima in Japan. Click here for my entries from the 2015 Japan trip!

Though it started as a casual travel blog in mid-2013, Infinite Corners (or IC, as I commonly refer to it) has evolved into a rich, diverse collection of thoughts and experiences. It’s easy and fun to write about life’s glorious highs (like biking through Italy’s Apulian countryside). But it’s also beneficial to reflect on the more difficult moments in life (like the job search, ugh) or life’s important questions (How do we normalize mental health issues in the workplace? How do I handle jealousy with my partner? Is it okay to go to a concert alone?)

Nowadays, this blog aims to cover just about every topic under the sun related to living an interesting, examined life. From interviews with fascinating people to essays on sociological phenomena to personal reflections on anxiety, there is something for everyone here to enjoy.

In addition, I share a fair amount of personal stories on my blog. As someone who lives a unique life (I’m adopted, have a BUNCH of siblings, and am currently in the process of rerouting my career from a high-technical one to a more artistic one…eek!), I enjoy sharing stories that I feel others can relate to and learn from.

An important aspect of this blog is that I am an enormous fan of writing about things that YOU as readers are interested in, so if there is anything you are craving to read about, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (obryanh1 at me.com), a comment, or a message through the Infinite Corners Facebook page. I am always happy to hear from people, even if they’re just saying hi!

Thank you so much for checking this blog out. I hope you continue to find things you love on here!