Australia, day 3: The day Haley almost went to live with the animals

male eclectus parrot

I’m going to keep this short, not because we leave for our flight back to Sydney in two hours or anything, but because we got to see animals yesterday at Port Douglas’s amazing Wildlife Habitat. Not only did we get to see animals – we got to cuddle with kangaroos. And as anyone who knows me knows, getting to cuddle with animals is my own personal version of heaven.

So, enjoy these pictures, everyone! Because that’s what 90% of this entry is. I’m still speechless from yesterday.

tiny green parrot animals
Our first little greeter.

mean pelican wildlife habitat animals crocodile with mouth open baby kangaroo large crocodile cute koala cute koala girl with kangaroo boy with kangaroos kangaroo selfie kangaroo boys with kangaroos DSC_0105 emu sleeping wallaby sooty owl black necked stork water dragon

blonde man with blue eyes
My brother’s new headshot.
male eclectus parrot
This was Shrek, the adorable male eclectus parrot who followed us on our mini-tour.
female cassowary australia
Cassie, the cassowary. Aptly named.
woman with koala
My brothers and my dad’s girlfriend got to take a picture with this Koala. His name is Samson.
frogmouth owl
Some cute tawny frogmouths relaxing.
female eclectus parrot
A beautiful female eclectus parrot.
rainbow lorikeet
A sweet little rainbow lorikeet.
rainbow lorikeet eating
Yum, yum, yum!
9 year old boy
My little brother’s headshot. I was on fire with those yesterday.
Not sure what species this guy (or girl) is, but they were super cute.
Not sure what species this guy (or girl) is, but they were super cute.

For dinner, we ventured to Bel Cibo in the main stretch of Port Douglas for some fine, Italian-infused fare. I think we had a little too much fun playing Odds Are, but if anything, we provided some entertainment to the bystanders who aren’t as used to people like our rowdy, awesome American family.

If you’re unfamiliar with Odds Are, the game goes like this:

  1. Person A says to Person B, “Odds are you won’t (insert something daring and/or embarrassing).
  2. Person B says a number between 1 and 100 that symbolizes how unwilling they are to do that thing. 1 is the lowest, meaning they would do that regardless, and 100 means that they would rather jump out of a moving can than do that thing.
  3. At the count of 3, both Person A and B say a number between 1 and the number chosen by Person B. If they choose the same number, Person B is on the hook to do the thing they were dared to do. If not, then they’re in the clear.

Take this game on your next trip. You won’t regret it. Actually, you probably will. See you guys tomorrow to recount our first real day in Sydney!


Travel tip: If you’re intent on reducing your packing load, try to find a place to stay with on-site laundry. Assuming you can sure that the laundry facilities work, you can save yourself from a massive amount of packing bulk.


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