3 Things to Not Do When Moving

Icies (that’s my new name for you guys…kinda like the drink “ICEEs”), I admit that I am at fault. It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve last posted. Forgive me, for I have blog-sinned.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me talk about something that is not only (all-too) pertinent in my life right now, but might be in yours as well. If it isn’t now, it will be in the future.

As many of you know, I am in the process of moving. In fact, I’ve been in this process, technically, for over a month now. Why? Well, after I found a place (thanks to employing the techniques I outlined in this article), I put off my actual moving duties until last weekend, deciding that “slow and steady wins the race” on this one. Well, this is true and not true. If you’re too slow, you’ll end up like me. Even though I’ve technically had my new apartment for the last month, this is what it looks like right now:

messy room

Pretty this is not; I know this. My clothes are in bags everywhere. I carried my pantry items over in leftover grocery bags. I have unopened IKEA items galore. My bed, while expertly put together by my loving significant other, is naked and unpainted. I’ve made at least 5 trips from my house to my car. My guitar has a ding on it because I accidentally dropped one of my grandmother’s old keepsakes on it (double-whammy of shame, indeed). My snake/son Baikal wanted to throttle me the other day because I kept him in the car for over an hour while I shoved stuff all around him as he sat in my back seat. He’s still barely sssssspeaking to me. Oh, parenthood.

If you don’t want to be like me, take heed of the following. I’ve moved three times in the last year-point-five (Arizona–>Parents–>House in Belmont Heights–>Apartment in Downtown) so I have experience that comes from being stupid. Here we go:

  1. Do not, under any circumstances, rent a Uhaul. Although it ended up being $0 because the truck was ready much later than I booked it for, I was charged over $50 for renting a small van for two hours and less than 10 miles of TOTAL driving usage. You can imagine how astronomical the prices get when you’re talking about a longer-distance move. You can rent someone’s truck for an entire day for that amount if you ask around or go to Craigslist, so do that instead. If you need help moving AND you need a bigger vehicle to transport your stuff, you can get two movers, a huuuuge truck, and a few hours of their time for under $200. Not a bad deal.
  2. Do not try and move stuff all by yourself. If you have help being offered to you, take it. Lugging stuff to your van/truck, driving over there, taking it inside your new place, unpacking it/putting it back together…it’s a lot. You will save a TON of time if you just take advantage of your nice friends/family/partner who are trying to help.
  3. Do not simply pack everything without considering whether you really need it or not. Although I did a decent job of sending some unwanted clothes to Goodwill and unwanted toiletry items to nearby homeless people before starting my move, I definitely did NOT do a good job or scouring my home for these items in advance. In the end, I’m still giving away all kinds of things that I took the time to pack and bring up to my new place, when I could have just productively disposed of them and saved myself the trouble. Clean out everything you don’t need BEFORE starting your move!

These items are fairly simple, but if I had only done them, I wouldn’t be heading to my old house now for the fifth time to transport stuff out and shove it into my Honda. Oh, and did I mention that I still haven’t cleaned my old place yet? *weeps*

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself – I’ve got to head out now. Remember what I’ve told you and good luck with your move, whether present or future!

Got a story or advice to share about moving? Share it here! I love hearing from you guys. Stay tuned for a new logo reveal next week (and, I promise, another entry!)

– H

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