Adventure of the Month: The 30-Day Restaurant-Free Challenge

I exist in circumstances that make it incredibly easy for me to access food at any time. I can order Domino’s online right now and have it here and filling my tummy within 20 minutes. There’s a taqueria 50 steps away from my house. Maybe even 45! I drive five minutes and pass at least five different fast food chains. Compounded with the fact that I also have the money to purchase food from these establishments, I can’t possibly go hungry. But what if I didn’t have these options?

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Japan 2015, Episode 10: Post-trip Pensiveness (plus a Poll)!

Looking back on any trip is always going to be as perfectly bittersweet as the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate I’m eating right now. You have incredible memories – and the photos to prove it – but you’re also wishing you could have stayed just a little while longer. Or forever. You then imagine how much you’d miss your family, friends, and significant other if you stayed, but then your mind goes to “well, what if they had just come and stayed with me?”

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Japan 2015, Episode 9: Taking Back Tokyo

Refreshed and enriched from my nature-centric Hakone experience, I felt all the more prepared to take my last day in Japan by storm. What better place to do it than back in the hub of boundless activity and visual stimuli known as Tokyo?

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Japan 2015, Episode 8: Putting the “Treat” in Retreat

After a continuous pattern of staying somewhere for one or two days and moving to other pastures before I had even gotten a true taste of it, I finally took it upon myself to stay a little longer somewhere. The place I chose to do this was Hakone: a land of rolling mountains, dense woodland, and the sparkling Lake Ashinoko. Amazingly enough, Hakone is only about an hour-and-half from Tokyo, making it a popular spot for Japanese and foreign tourists alike. Still, everything that Hakone has to offer makes every crowded cable car ride or “tourist traffic jam” worth it.

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