Sound Off: Is going to a concert by yourself “weird”?

Some months ago, I bought a ticket for my maiden voyage to the Land of the Rising Sun, where I’ll venture to in March for about two-and-a-half weeks. Yes, I’m going to Japan, a foreign country that I’ve neither previously visited nor have any connections to, alone, and I’m fairly unphased. Checking into a capsule hotel for the first time? Cool. Navigating the countryside of Kyushu? Piece of cake. Even eating fugu feels like small potatoes in terms of putting myself out there.

But for whatever reason, going to a 3-hour gig in San Diego on Thursday night scared the wits out of me. In fact, I almost didn’t go. I mean, I had no one to go with, as none of my friends were quite familiar with who I was seeing. So what was I going to do, go and stand around like a loser?

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