Things to Come + A Love Letter to Sleep

If you thought for one second that I was gone for good…you thought wrong. 🙂 I’m back, friends, and IC is about to get better than ever.

What, you might ask, prompted me to return to writing? Well, my mind, the great organic typewriter, has a constant, real-time stream of thoughts that just won’t quit. Like ever. It got to be too much, to the point where my head started hurting from all the words that were jammed up in there. My only solution was to come back to my blog. Only then, I knew, would my ailment be cured…be free…and be able to LIVE AGAIN!

Anyway, I’ll spare you the boredom that will come through my revelation of ALL my thoughts. Plus, I’m ever-so mysterious (people who know me and are reading this – stop giggling! I’m an enigma, dang it!). Nonetheless, I AM obliged to inform you of the many things coming from your friendly neighborhood travel- and caffeineholic, including:

– A swashbuckling solo mission to Oregon in search of foamy tides and brisk mountain air;

– the annual “Vegas Vignette” detailing the real way to do America’s perpetual party;

– a truly tropicalectric Christmas adventure in Barbados;

– a wild western romp in the heart of Texas (toast included); aaaaaand

– an epic journey to the misty green isles of northern Scotland and the quaint rolling hills/festive pubs of Ireland with one of my most infamous partners in crime, the world-famous June!

Holy buckets of squant, right?!? In any event, my number one aim is to entertain. Rhyme totally intentional. Whilst I’ve barely given anything away, I seek to entice you and encourage you all to stay tuned for words, pictures, and reviews, oh my!

To end the evening, let us now pray to the gods of REM:

I have ideas and things to do

But sleep I need – so where are you?

Whoever thought to work at 9

Should honestly be charged a crime (Editor’s note: I work at 8, but that doesn’t make it any more okay.)

– H