ITALIA Day 11: Principesse nel Pallazo

Gee, I dunno guys, today was real rough. It started out with breakfast here:

photo 1 copy 2

With an after-party here:

photo 2 copy 2

as well as here:

Picture reuse! Sowwwwwwyyy...
Picture reuse! Sowwwwwwyyy…

Followed by a walk through here:

image-1 image

With a massage here:

Thalassatherapy pool! You know it's legit when you can't even pronounce the name!
Thalassotherapy pool! You know it’s legit when you can’t even pronounce the name!


while ending with dinner here:

image copy

…In all seriousness, I almost didn’t even want to write this entry, it was so gloaty! LOL. But since days like these are in short supply, I figure we’d celebrate our last day in Italy with a subdued bang. Today, we are principesse nel pallazzo (princesses in the palace) and are nourishing our souls and bodies with unplanned experiences entirely within our hotel. No schedules, no clocks, no fancy preparation. Besides, wait until you see our travel plans tomorrow! I’ll give you a hint: the day starts at 3:00 am. 🙂

I suppose I’ll conclude this day with an extended thought of the day…

Most of us are busy. We wake up early, have meetings and lunches scheduled, have numerous projects to work on, and even have our evening time off sequestered for pre-set arrangements. What about taking a day off here and there? I don’t mean simply reading for an hour or ending the day with a hot bath – we should be doing those things regularly to help reset our minds. What I’m talking about here is taking a day, a full day, to have no plans. Even to do nothing, if that’s what you wish. It’s amazing how just taking one day like this can reenergize you, and make you stop to think how great it is that you lead the life you have. Do it once, and I promise you won’t regret it.


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