ITALIA Day 8: Say “Formaggio”!

Ahhh, again, it saddens me to be departing the beautiful Masseria San Martino so swiftly! Nonetheless, we had another fun ride today, with gentle rolling hills, more trulli, and gorgeous little neighborhoods.

Because the day’s ride looked like a combination between Days 2 & 3, I’d have to say that the main event today was our lunch at Truddhi, a trulli-resort near Locorotondo. We got to watch Pasquale, an expert cheese-maker, make mozzarella cheese! Check this out:


Pasquale explaining the process to us
Pasquale explaining the process to us


Making an elephant out of cheese
Making an elephant out of cheese
End result. Eaten within 10 minutes.
End result. Eaten within 10 minutes.

Of course, then there was the actual food itself (including the mozzarella we saw before our eyes). I’m going to be boring again and say that it was AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. The highlight? Orecchiete (ear-shaped) pasta with a decadent red sauce. Darn it, I should have taken a picture!

Oh, I also have a new best friend: Eddie! I think he’s the son of the people who own the place, and I know he’s the nephew of one of the gals who prepared our lunch. We climbed trees and played with Jeeps.:

"There's a snake up there!"
“There’s a snake up there!”
"I'm wearing my boots today!"
“I’m wearing my boots today!”


Towards the end of the ride, we found ourselves RIGHT next to the coast!

image-10 image-9

I’m sure I’ll have more pictures tomorrow, but it felt so good to feel the ocean air! We are near Torre Canne, a TINY town about 50 km from the port of Brindisi. Apparently there’s amazing gelato here. Update: finally tried gelato here, in the town of Monopoli (mentioned below). I think it has crack in it, because everyone on the trip either went for 2 or wanted 2. I could have had 8…though, I’m that way with food in general.

We arrived at our next hotel, Masseria San Domenico, at around 3:15 pm. Ummmm, is this just going to keep getting better and better?!? Mind you, these are just PART of the grounds:

image-19 image-18 image-13 image-12 image-11

At 7:00, we headed out via shuttle for the town of Monopoli. It was bigger than I expected, and a little more touristy, too. But still, cute!

Our gorgeous guide, Stasa!
Our gorgeous guide, Stasa, on the shuttle to Monopoli!


image-16 image-20

Since we were let go to have dinner on our own tonight, allow me to review our next restaurant!

REVIEW – Il Punto Cardinale, Monopoli (BR)


ambiance – “Dinner on your own” is kind of a loose term, as I think about 2/3 of our group ended up coming here. It’s a tucked-away place and not terribly large, with a dark, trendy, yet casual decor. The coolest thing about the restaurant are the bathroom sinks, made of glass mosaic. (3.5/5)

service – If you’re looking for good English, our waitress spoke it perfectly, as did most of the other people in the restaurant. I was not too impressed with the slight impatience and curtness of our waitress, but I’m guessing she just has a different personality. (3.5/5)

food – We were brought an absolutely scrumptious appetizer of what appeared to be lightly fried pizza dough. After that, most of us ordered pizza and I order grilled vegetables and the salad bar. Other than the dough-things, the food was really not all that spectacular. But I won’t be too harsh; we ordered simply. (3.5/5 – gotta give the dough-things their due credit).

cost – Food in Puglia is remarkably cheap compared to that of Rome. If you order just a pizza, or just the salad bar, with maybe a side of grilled vegetables (as I did), you’re looking at a 10€ with coperto; not bad! ($-$$/$$$$)

Tomorrow brings another hill of epic proportions. Sleep and colazione will be my friend.

Thought of the day: The earlier you bring up a problem, the less of a problem it becomes. Is there a graph that shows this relationship?

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