ITALIA Day 5: Masseria Mania

I’m going to bid you guys a rare buon giorno, as I have only been able to write to you all this morning about yesterday’s adventure! I am currently sitting in our hotel lobby and need coffee desperately, so this post will be most names of things and pictures (so I can entice you to check them out yourself!)

We woke up in Bari yesterday and made our way over to the train station. We were able to meet our AMAZING guides, Caterina and Stasa, as well as many of the people on our trip with us. There are 21 of us – it’s mostly couples, with a group of women celebrating their sister’s/friend’s 50th birthday! A shuttle took us to the nearby town of Conversano, seen below:

Caterina (left) and Stasa, our guides for the trip.
Caterina (left) and Stasa, our guides for the trip.
Mom and I


Town of Conversano, near our lunch restaurant, Pashà
Town of Conversano, near our lunch restaurant, Pashà

We spoke briefly of safety procedures and before we knew it, we were on our bikes. The ride to our next hotel, a masseria (fortified farmhouse) called Il Melograno, was about 15 miles long and, as pictures will show you, BEAUTIFUL. Vaguely reminiscent of California, the bumpy roads were completely unscathed by any traces of tourism. Gnarled olive trees, aged stone walls, and rows of fresh vegetables lined the entire way, and every so often a house would appear. I really can’t do it justice:


Typical masseria style in Puglia
Typical masseria style in Puglia

image-9 image-8 image-7 image-6 image-5 image-4

We made it to Il Melograno at 3:30 pm; enough said:

Hotel pool
Il Melograno


And hey, I even met a new friend! LOLLLLLL

image-16 image-15

At 6:00, we enjoyed a light aperitivo (pre-dinner drink) while sitting around and learning more about each other. Following that, dinner was at another masseria, Toro Coccoro. I thought I was speechless after seeing our hotel, but wait till you see this:

image-26 image-25 image-24 image-23 image-22 image-21 image-20 image-19

Entrance to Torre Coccoro


Dinner ended at 11:00 pm, so I went home and did what this guy did.


Thought of the Day: “A fish is a fish.” – Joe from New York (you had to be there)

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