ITALIA day 2: Rome in a day…ish

Amici, where do I even begin with this day?! I mean that in the best way possible, of course. Now, I must add that due to a rather egregious derp on my part, I know longer have my computer to blog with and my entries with hereafter be a bit curt. In addition, I am probably gonna have to redirect your guys to my instagram (imcoolandawesome) for photos. 🙁 Sad!! My new best friend is the business center in our hotel, though, so it ain’t half bad.

UPDATE: I have my computer back! Select photos have been inserted.

We had a long, exhausting, and unbelievably fun-filled day today! I will just briefly go through the sights we saw and do a quick review of the restaurants we dined at (although, spoiler alert: they were both exquisite):

Coliseum – fun, breathtaking, but can be seen within about 30 minutes. It’s the history behind it that’s most fascinating. Do the audio tour and skip the lines. The ticket you buy here covers both the Coliseum and the Forum, so yay!

image copy image-1

Forum/Pallatine Hill – unexpectedly expansive, GREEN, and beautiful. Lots of mini-sites and a small museum filled mostly with sculptures. Worth seeing, the archaeological grounds can be covered in an hour or two.

image copy 11 image copy 10 image copy 9 image-2

Pantheon – Can be covered in its entirety within 15 minutes, but truly a marvel to see, especially on the outside. It’s also free.

image copy 7

Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva – One of the few (if only?) Gothic churches in Rome, it’s main feature is a dope pipe organ that you can see below:

image copy 6

photo copy 13

Chiesa di S. Ignazio di Loyola – Again, another lesser-known treat. Absolutely stunning ceiling frescos make this place worth any journey. Both churches listed here are free.

photo copy 14

National Museum of Rome – PERFECT for a mini-overview of all things Roman history from an art perspective. I have to say, I found some truly hilarious pieces of art here as well.

photo copy 15
"...Just sayin'!"
“…Just sayin’!”

image-4 image copy 4

Trevi Fountain – We ended our night with this beautiful sight, which looks like it came straight out of an underwater kingdom. Mind the plethora of creepers that patrol the area and you’ll be juzzzz fine.

photo copy 17

REVIEW – Osteria da Mario (lunch)

photo 1 photo 2

ambience – Homey, mom-and-popish, and classic red checkered tables. All local business people around us. No brown nosing, obnoxious tourist trapping. SMELLS AMAZING. (5/5)

food – Had vegetables and soup. Nonetheless, they were the best dang vegetables and soup I’ve had in a while. (5/5)

service – See above. The servers don’t mess around and service is EXTREMELY prompt (5/5)

cost – ($$/$$$$)

REVIEW – Ristorante il Gabriello (dinner)

photo 3 photo 4

ambience – Underground, chic-modern, stone floors and white walls and an apparent Marilyn Monroe photo fetish. Locals and savvy travelers abound. Love it.  (5/5)

food – Had minestrone soup, swordfish, and tiramisù. Main food was the booooommmbbb; dessert forgettable (but I’d go back and try their others any day) (4.5/5)

service – Servers are kind, helpful, and quite multilingual! Hosts are jovial and welcoming. Our waitress spoke Spanish, Italian, French, and English. They also sat us way early. Coolio! (5/5)

cost – ($$$/$$$$)

Tomorrow brings the Vatican and the Borghese Gallery; tonight brings sleep. And lots of it. I promise to add more information and pictures when I get home…thanks for reading!

Thought of the day: Exercise can actually make you less tired…yeah, give me some time to get creative again, sorry 😉


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