ITALIA Day -1: Pre-Departure Thoughts and 3 Things I’m Not Bringing

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! My trip to Italy is here! Well, almost. It’s the night before and my exciteys are ragin’. I can already visualize the other-wordly artistry of the Sistene Chapel, smell the ethereal caffè coming from the nearest bar (yeah, different meaning in Italian, haha), and taste the mind-blowing pizza, pasta, and seafood that will be welcomed warmly into my mouth. Yes, it will be epic! Probably moreso than I can articulate.

To give a general gist of the trip I will be taking, I am going on a 10-day excursion to Italy with my mom. Yes, just my mom! She is one of the most amazing people the world has known as well as one of my best friends. We are doing 4 days in Rome and on June 1st, we depart for Bari, in the Puglia region of Italy, for a 6-day biking tour. So many activities will follow in addition to the biking, though. I am stoked something fierce, and couldn’t imagine a better graduation gift. We leave tomorrow from Orange County at 7:30 pm.

But my friends, this blog is just as about YOU as it is me! So, I guess I’ll give some preemptive “advice” for the European traveler. Bear in mind that I’ve never visited Italy itself (though I have visited other places, which you can ask me about some time), so I’ll have to get back to you on how useful this advice actually was. Three things I will NOT be bringing to Lo Stivale (“The Boot”) include:

1. Heels – A part of me died inside when I read not to bring these, especially since Italians are known for dressing to the nines and heels are essentially part of my anatomy. But alas, I’m no fan of getting stuck in cobblestone, either. So I’ll compromise with wedges.

2. Shorts – During my travels in the rest of Europe, I didn’t really notice shorts, and my Google studies indicate that Italy is no different. Given the fact that I’ll be visiting more museums than pool parties, I’m gonna pass on packing these.

3. Designer purses – What?! No Dolce, Gucci, Fendi, or Prada? Yes, and I’m sticking to that. I don’t want the ONE, maybe two, nice things I have stolen because I felt like being fancy, huh. I’ve heard that pickpocketing is rampant in Italy, and I’m going to be an equal opportunity offender here and say that that’s to be expected in any large, metropolitan area – so I’m staying safe.

Finally, I sincerely promise that things here on IC will get more interesting as this trip progresses! I plan to review every restaurant and sight we see, regale our experiences as travelers in an entertaining manner, and write a thought to accompany each day. Feel free to e-mail me any time, too! Buona serra – and see you tomorrow!

Thought of the Day: The mind is a powerful thing. Your potential means nothing unless the mind allows you to use it.

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